What are the odds?  New York passes new stringent gun laws and now even the police department can't get firearms.  Some might say be careful what you ask for.

Serbu Firearms is the latest to support the new gun laws in New York and by that I mean they are pulling out of the state and will not be supporting the New York City PD in their quest for the now all elusive .50 caliber sniper rifle.

So why didn't the NYPD go to someone else? They did. Serbu was their third try. The leaders in the .50 Cal industry, Barnett and ArmaLite, had already been called and their answer was no. In fact, around 150 firearms companies have said they wouldn't be helping either.

So what's up?  Why the snub on the NYPD?  They are the good guys...

Due to new laws passed in the state, it now makes it illegal for anyone to own a .50 Cal Sniper rifle. Because of these new laws, firearms companies are refusing to break any laws by selling illegal guns to anyone, including a police force.

The president of Serbu Firearms responded to the NYPD request by saying,

Unfortunately, we have a policy of selling to state law enforcement agencies only what is allowed to be sold to private citizens in that state. Since the passage of the NY SAFE Act, the BFG-50A is considered an assault weapon and as such is no longer available to private citizens in the state of New York. Therefore we have to respectfully decline to supply your department with BFG-50A rifles - Mark Serbu

Sound off.  Can't wait to hear thoughts from both sides on this one.  Did New York shoot themselves in the foot by passing these new gun laws?  Please leave your comments directly below and we'll keep checking them.

Serbu is the 137th company to halt sales to New York law enforcement according to the unofficial official New York Boycott list, which is now up to 142 companies as of March 23rd, 2013 and likely to keep growing - Guns.com