It is no secret my family and my wife's family are not from the deepest of gene pools. We all just ain't right. I am reminded of this every time I go home to visit. I went to North Dakota for my vacation to visit my family and attend my 30th high school reunion. I will be writing about my adventure throughout the week.

Brian Gary, TSM

Today I want to focus on a member of my wife's nephew Jim. Jim just ain't right. He was a college rugby player and is known to wear a cape and carry a plastic sword along with his brother Mike. These two can clear any dance floor and have been known to scare every all you can eat buffet in the upper mid-west region. I was sitting out on the patio at my sister in law's house and saw Jim come out with what I thought was a cup of beer. I see him chug it and then go for a refill. It was then I noticed it was not beer he was chugging but beans. HE WAS DRINKING CUPS OF BEANS! I was so glad that fireworks were legal in my hometown because believe me there were lots of explosions that day. I learned that this is a family thing because I then saw his cousin, brother and father all come out drinking cups of blast causing legumes. My family ain't right and I love them dearly for it. Cheers!!!