Do you know what today is? Groundhog day, yes! Bing, first shot right out of the box! Crazy as it is, the movie is one of my all time favorites-just think about it-reliving one day over and over again.

Okay, so the real thought of a do over everyday is a bit extreme and would exhaust the crud out of a fella, but it is a fun movie to watch. (especially ON groundhog day)

I decided to take a look into the actual groundhog day and its origin along with Punxsutawney Phil' accuracy. (don't laugh)  I don't really think that I have ever looked at the day as anything other than a fun distraction from a 'normal' week.

We are all pretty familiar with the fact that the groundhog comes out of his warm home to take a peek around and if he sees his shadow he is frightened back into the hole and we can expect six more weeks of winter. (although spring comes around on the same day every year, just like groundhog day, but I will ignore that fact for this tale) Some of the traditions that accompany this day in Pennsylvania are pretty darn cool. Whole towns get together for a festival. A down home festival with food, music and entertainment throughout the day. In Pennsylvania, groundhog day isn't a funny little day set aside for humor and mockery, its an event. The festivals began with the German settlers in the 18th century-no, I am NOT a smarty pants, I read that on wikipedia. (click on the link and you can learn more)

Little known facts about Punxsatawney Phil...
  • He has been on Oprah
  • He was the center of attention on an MTV series
  • The  TY, Inc company made an annual beanie baby modeled after him

As far as Punxsatawney Phils accuracy in his predictions, wikipedia says of the 115 long winter, early spring nods he has given he has only been correct 39% of the time. (Go Figure!)

And no story would be complete without a little clip from the movie with the same name as this great weather foretelling day... please enjoy!