Greyrock Trail northwest of Fort Collins is reopening as of Friday, June 1, 2012. The Hewlett Gulch Trail is closed for today as crews work in the burned area. The US Forest Service released information Friday afternoon that crews are still working areas near the burn area of the Hewlett Fire where there are some hot spots.

Trail crews have been working for more than a week doing drainage work to decrease erosion and clearing nearly 200 hazardous trees off the Greyrock Trail. Visitors using the trail are asked to use caution and stay on the trail. Immediate hazard trees were cut directly adjacent to the trail, but not off the trail. Hikers should also be aware that there is an increased risk of rolling rocks and debris due to the lack of vegetative cover. Those attempting to summit need to pay close attention to their route so as not to get lost. New trail signage is expected within the next week.

The Forest Service also wants to remind Fort Collins residents that they still might see smoke from the fire area for several weeks, especially when traveling close to the burn area.