On July 19th the city of Greeley will be having a public hearing to get the public's thoughts on removing five stoplights.  Which ones?  Read on to find out!

Traffic engineers for Greeley said in a statement:

"Removal of these signals could potentially reduce driving delays, lower emissions, save motorists’ fuel costs and reduce traffic accidents"

Which ones are the city looking to remove?

11th Avenue & Cranford Place

13th Street & 9th Avenue

13th Street & 10th Avenue

16th Street & 13th Avenue

17th Avenue & 25th Sreet


What will the city have in lieu of stop signals?  I presume they will put in roundabouts-they are big right now- for cost sake and traffic flow.  However, I"m sure the city will let the public know at the hearing on July 19th at the Greeley Recreation Center.

Get more on the story from Channel 7!

What do you think- will this help your commute?