A Greeley high school teacher has plead guilty for sexual assault against a student. According to 9News, the teacher had admitted to police that she had engaged in a sexual relationship with one of her students back in 2011, and gave birth to a child from the encounter.

What the heck is wrong with people?!

I seems like every few months there is yet another story about an inappropriate teacher/student relationship. Look, when you become a teacher, you should be doing it because you want to help kinds discover the joy of learning and help to shape the minds of tomorrow, not as a way to troll for young hotties.

I don’t even care what the “circumstances” are in these type of cases, or if anyone “fell in love,” or what. It’s just wrong.

Teachers are in a position of trust. No student and no parent of one should ever have to worry about a teacher hitting on a student or engaging in a sexual acts with them.

Maybe I’m just sane, but the idea of thinking about kids in a sexual way just grosses me and it’s wrong on every level.

Stories like this just give good teachers a bad rap. My wife is a teacher and I know her and all of her colleagues would be mortified if someone at their school did something like this. Argh, it just makes me sick, especially when it hits so close to home.

Now this particular incident happened back in 2010 while the teacher worked at Northridge High School in Greeley. And now it's making headlines again because of her guilty plea. She won’t actually be sentenced until March. But the headlines involving her story are the type of headlines you never want to see involving your kid's school or your co-workers.