We love the Greeley Stampede.  Brian and I have been a part of event for over a quarter of a century.  We were even Grand Marshals of the Stampede in 2004.  We would love to see the event climb to new heights.  Right now they need a new leader to help them get there.  The Greeley Stampede is currently seeking applicants for General Manager. In September executive director Bill Ogg was asked to step down after 4 years with the organization.
Applicants for the General Manager job should submit resumes no later than 4:00 p.m. October 30th to Vice Chair of the Greeley Stampede, Kyle Holman.

You can do that by e-maill Kyleholman9@gmail.com  or by mail:

Greeley Stampede
c/o Kyle Holman
600 N 14th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631


The General Manager will be responsible for helping to develop and implement plans:

a)      To attract funds from donors/ sponsors.

b)      To create community awareness of the goals and diversity of the programs of the organization.

c)      To administer an office and manage the systems and personnel through which the above functions are achieved; maintenance of all financial records and accountability for funds received.

d)      To work with the Greeley Stampede Board of Directors and volunteers to fulfill the goals of the organization.

 Desired Skills and Talents

a)      Effective communication skills, both written and oral.

b)      Ability to raise substantial funds from individuals, businesses, private foundations and other potential contributors.

c)      Strong administrative and organizational skills.

d)      Ability to work effectively with volunteers.

e)      Self-disciplined, self –starting style, accustomed to working without supervision but capable of supervising and motivating others.

f)       Basic functions of computer and computer software.

g)      The General Manager should uphold the history and credibility of the Greeley Stampede by demonstrating integrity, compassion and tolerance, perseverance, appearance, accountability, leadership and management.

Education, Experience, Background 

a)      College degree or equivalent, with strong emphasis on business administration and organizational management.

b)      Experience in the management of a nonprofit organization and in the development and implantation of plans and programs to achieve organizational objectives.

c)      Knowledge of the Greeley Stampede community it serves would be a plus.

d)      Knowledge and experience about fundraising.  An essential function of the General Manager is to administer the Greeley Stampede sponsorship program.  Skills and experience in organizational management and fund development are, therefore, much desired in a candidate. Including cultivation, retention and fulfillment.


  Salary and applicable benefits negotiable depending on individual experience and qualifications.

The Greeley Stampede is an equal opportunity employer.