With great anticipation, we wait for the Greeley Stampede all year, the rodeos, rides, funnel cakes and concerts. Sunday was a day of warm weather and hot men at the K99 Stampede studios, D hangs out with the Lo Cash Cowboys and Billy Currington.

We had such a great time hanging out with so many great people. So many stopped by the K99 Stampede Studios to say hi, play cornhole and to get a glimpse at the LoCash Cowboys, who played cornhole with Todd Harding and Billy Currington.

Billy Currington asked D Dennison if things were going well in the state of Colorado, he said it seemed like everyone was pretty relaxed. Can't imagine what he might have been talking about! :) About his new album, We Are Tonight, he is pretty excited for the yet to be released Hallelujah, he says it isn't the one that most people think of, its a cool funky song that he hopes that you like.

The LoCash Cowboys were stoked to be back in Colorado, they laughed and joked with our whole team. They love getting on stage at the Greeley Stampede and always have a great time, like hanging out with family. These are some really cool people, if you didn't see them Sunday, keep your eye out for them and catch them the next time around.

It was a perfect time at the Greeley Stampede, good food, friends, entertainment and lots of great laughs. If you haven''t been to the Stampede yet this year, don't miss out.