In late September Greeley Police will deploy Automated External Defibrillators in many of their patrol cars.  The AEDs were purchased partly by a grant obtained by the Greeley Fire Department.  Training on using an AED during events requiring CPR is being included as a part of the ongoing training the Department provides on a regular basis.

“We believe the AEDs simply provide one more tool for us to help our citizens.  That’s why we are here,” ~Police Chief Jerry Garner.

Police will be advised through the dispatch center of calls involving possible cardiac events.  While the call will still be the responsibility of medical and fire personnel, officers will respond if they are in the area and available and will have the automated external defibrillators in case they are needed.

Adding the units to patrol cars is in reaction to the realization that when it comes to first aid, earlier is better, and anytime there is an event that requires CPR, time is of the essence. Patrol cars are often on scene before paramedics, giving them a chance to be of immense help in life threatening situations. Less than half of police cars nationwide carry AED's, putting Greeley on the forefront with the addition of these units.