Greeley Police are looking for a peeping Tom and ask your help in identifying a photo of the man.

They are looking for the person who hid a digital video camera in a family changing rooms at Family FunPlex, a city-run recreation center. A woman found the hidden camera hidden in an air freshener container and alerted police. Investigators believe it had been placed in the changing room four hours earlier. Police have asked for the public's assistance in identifying the person in a photo taken from the camera.

Police have spent the past few days trying to discover the identity of the suspect after an initial call from the Greeley Family FunPlex at 4:15 p.m. Sunday. Police have reviewed video footage from the camera, which they believe was placed in the room Sunday afternoon, and believe the suspect who placed it there may not be local.

Anyone who believes they may know who this man is or has seen someone unusual around that changing room should contact Detective John Kinne at (970) 350-9603.