They are the LARGEST manufacturer of mozzarella cheese- in the world, and they have a new plant in Greeley.

Phase 1 has been under way for a while, but Phase 2 is approaching, and with that- they will need 200 more workers!

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It all started in 1950 at Mike Leprino's small grocery store.  That location in DENVER is still where the headquarters are for Leprino Foods.  They have locations all over the world - as far as Northern Ireland, and as close as Fort Morgan.

The Greeley plant began operations in October of 2011. They are currently in Phase 1 of operations -making non-fat dry milk.  With 100 employees, they produce 130,000 pounds of dry milk from 175,000 gallons of milk that comes in EVERY DAY.

Once Phase 2 is ready to begin, which is soon, the Greeley plant will begin manufacturing mozzarella cheese out of the estimated 500,000 gallons of milk that will enter the plant each day.  With that expansion, they will be hiring 200 more employees to begin working early 2013 to make cheeses for pizza chains and many other businesses.

When Phase 3 is complete, the Greeley facility will be producing 700,000 pounds of dairy product each day.

Once fully operational, Leprino Foods in Greeley will bring in over $15 Billion in economic impact for the City of Greeley, Weld County and Colorado.

For right now, they are hiring 200 people for a variety of jobs!

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Another thought, maybe, would be to become a cow farmer.  Leprino is expecting to need an additional 60,000 cows locally to produce the needed milk.