The Greeley Ice Haus closed on June 26th to begin the daunting task of resurfacing the ice rink.  The Ice Haus will remain closed until Friday, July 5th to complete the job. In-ice logos will be hand painted by staff; sponsor logos,  will be applied using stencils at center ice and throughout the ice rink surface.

The ice re-building process started with cutting the current ice surface with the Zamboni, which began on Tuesday, June 25th.  This process continued day and night until they were close to the concrete floor. From that point staff lets the ice melt and uses shop-vacs to clean up the water and paint.  They then put down a thin layer of ice and paint the whole floor white, then add another layer of ice and paint all of the logos and lines. From that point on they work around the clock misting the ice to build the thickness to about one-inch.


Courtesy of City of Greeley

The Ice Haus will re-open on Saturday, July 6th with the “Break the Ice” event from 12-1:30pm. Public Skates are Monday-Friday from 12-2:45pm and Saturday & Sunday 12-1:30pm. The Greeley Ice Haus is located at 900 8th Avenue in Greeley.