The Greeley Fire Department in conjunction with the City will be offering a FREE CPR training course for residents of Greeley and those who live in the Western Hills Fire Protection District.  If you have a teen who babysits or just want to know what to do yourself, just in case, this is a great opportunity.

Keep in mind that this course, about an hour and a half in length, is not a "certifiable" course but when it comes to saving a life, you don't need a certification of any kind; just the knowledge of how to save that life.

If interested, plan on spending a couple hours on either the 9th or on the 23rd of February. The classes start at 9 a.m. and will be held at the Greeley Fire Department in their training room.

To sign up stop by Station #1 at 919 7th St., call 970-350-9508 or email Susan Frame at

There is a maximum of 24 for the classes so don't wait.