Courtesy of Zoe Stank

I have known Justin Stank all of his life. His Mom Zoe has been a Wrangler for the Greeley Stampede for as long as I can remember.   Justin is the 16-year-old sophomore from Greeley West High School that you may have seen on CBS during the NCAA Tournament wearing a Ram costume when CSU was playing Missouri or Louisville. Wearing that outfit got him lots of TV time on CBS and ESPN, plus articles by the Coloradoan, Washington Post, Sport Illustrated, and even the New York Times. Charles Barkley was even giving Justin the business for wearing the Ram suit.

Justin's nickname is Diesel.  The CSU football team calls him Stank the tank. He is a defensive lineman at Greeley West.  He has been dressing up as a Ram since he was 6 months old.

Justin likes more than just sports.  He is a Boy Scout working on his Eagle scout with Troop 247. He is a Wrangler in training with the Greeley Stampede. He has been a mutton bustin' rodeo clown since he was 5 and he has been listening K99 since he was born.

A big thank you to Matt Stephens from the Coloradoan for the use of the picture of Justin being interviewed by Allie LaForce from CBS Sports and the following video.

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