If you have walked the strip in Las Vegas you know it just wouldn’t be as fun if you couldn’t carry your drink with you as you walked. Now Greeley is similar to Vegas in the fact that you can drink out of open alcohol containers while strolling outside in certain areas. 

The first-ever common consumption area in the state of Colorado was approved Monday by the Greeley Liquor Authority for what is already being called the “Go-Cup” district, an area confined to the Ninth Street Plaza.

Restaurant and bar patrons within the designated area will have the option to purchase an alcoholic drink from one of eight establishments in a plastic to-go cup, to take outside and consume while watching plaza entertainment or shopping. The allowance will be limited to Friday nights from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. (with last call at 10 p.m.) June 8 through Oct. 26, weather permitting.

The approval does not come without cautionary measures…

  • Anyone buying an alcoholic beverage must present a valid ID and receive a designated wristband.
  • Any alcohol consumed outside of the restaurant/bar must be in a plastic cup with the name of the establishment on it.
  • The plaza will be monitored by security to enforce the policies, and no cups will be allowed outside of the district. There will be a taxi stand set up during operating hours and special offers for designated drivers.