To say I have lost a little respect for our Governor would be fair but now Governor John Hickenlooper has stooped to new lows in my book.  College tuition for illegal immigrants?  Really?

So, the bill has been signed giving immigrant students living here in the U.S. illegally the right to qualify for in-state tuition at Colorado colleges.


I have lived here for 50 years John and I can't even get my own daughter into a better college because of "my rights" and she was actually BORN here in Colorado.  What message does this send to her and to all the other hard working High School students who have, you know, actually lived here all their lives after being you know, born in the United States!

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the proposal into law Monday afternoon saying... was a first step toward national immigration reform.

What the hell is "National Immigration Reform" anyway?  Is this code for let's not make them follow the same laws that the rest of us WHO LIVE HERE have to follow?

Fret not lovers of the Constitution, we are not alone. Colorado is the fourteenth state to allow immigrants who graduate from state high schools to attend colleges at the lower tuition rate.  This has been ten (10) years in the making believe it or not and I still can't afford to send my kids to the schools they deserve to attend.


Make the "illegal immigrants" follow the same rules the rest of us have to follow. Is this really asking to much?

When in Rome...