With 11 hit singles and 2 platinum albums to their name the Zac Brown Band seems to be just warming up to probably double what they have already done.  The newest release from their latest album, "Uncaged," will most likely be another top 10 hit for the band and charting #1 with "Goodbye In Her Eyes" in not a stretch.

Out of the 11 hit singles for the Zac Brown Band, 9 have gone #1 while the other two peaked at #2.  Not bad...

The Zac Brown Band's originally formed in 2003 but didn't really get any notice till they signed with Atlantic Records in 2008.  Their first single, "Chicken Fried", was first recorded in 2003 and included on the"Home Grown" album, but later re-recorded and released to country radio in 2008.  The irony is that the song was also recorded by The Lost Trailers, whose 2006 recording was released as a single but withdrawn after Brown decided that he wanted to release it himself.  So Atlantic Records acquired the song, released it again on "The Foundation" and as they say, the rest is history.

"Chicken Fried" went quickly to the #1 spot on the charts  and that made the Zac Brown Band the first country band to reach #1 with a debut single since Heartland did so in 2006 with "I Loved Her First."  And what ever happened to Heartland anyway?

When "Uncaged" was released in July this year it debuted at #1 prompting Billboard magazine to say the album would most likely be the top seller of the year.  The first single, "The Wind," reached #11 on the charts (now at #27) but I think "Goodbye In Her Eyes" will for sure climb into the top 10 and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see yet another #1 hit for the Zac Brown Band.

  • Zac Brown - Lead vocals and Guitar
  • Jimmy De Martini - Fiddle and Vocals
  • John Driskell Hopkins - Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Coy Bowles guitar - Keyboards
  • Chris Fryar - Drums
  • Clay Cook - Guitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, Steel Guitar and vocals
  • Daniel de los Reyes - Percussion


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