It was a sad day at the house yesterday. We are mourning the loss of Wall-e the fish. Last Friday my grandson Zander got his first pets of his own. He got 2 gold fish and he and his mom named them Dory and Wall-e. He loved sitting at the table and watching his new buddies swim around. Yesterday tragedy struck when Wall-e apparently ate himself to death gorging on freeze dried shrimp. I tried to perform CPR on him but it was too late. He had already gone to that big bowl in the sky. Now it was time to break the news to my daughter and Zander that he was no longer with us.

I thought long and hard about how to break the news to them. I decided to send her a picture of her aquarium, which now had just one fish in it, with a caption reading “what is missing?”. I then wrote her a poem that read, “one fish, two fish…oh wait you just have one fish, Wall-e died”. I will not be picking up the Father of the Year Award any time soon. At least I didn’t film me flushing Wall-e down the funeral bowl.

Although he was only with us about a week, Wall-e will always hold a special place in our hearts. A life taken too soon. He never ever got to go to school. Poor fish. We will never forget the games of “hey swim over here” or “I’m looking at you” that we played endlessly. You gave us one of the best weeks of our lives. God Bless your little fishy soul Wall-e. Thanks for the bubbles.

In memory of Wall-e Gary 3/2/12-3/8/12