The Mavericks are my favorite band. I did a post recently talking about my top 5 bands of all time and The Mavericks topped my list. It has been 10 years since they last got together and put out new music. I thought they were gone forever but to my delight they released the killer new CD "In TIme" this week.

The decade of waiting is worth it. This disc is packed full of the sound that only The Mavericks can make. There is no category to put their music in, It is unique and just doesn't fit any description other than pure magic. You cannot sit still while listening, it is just impossible. It kinda sounds like you took, Harry Belafonte,Tito Puente, Hank Sr., Patsy Cline, Elvis and a killer horn section and threw it in a blender to make the perfect musical smoothie.

We had the honor of having the guys on the air with us today. Check out the interview here and then feel and see the power of the band in the video of their new song "Come Unto Me" featuring an amazing 11 piece band.