What a tragedy! I was heartbroken to hear that one of my heroes as a kid may have taken his own life. I have loved Robin Williams since he first appeared as Mork from Ork on "Happy Days". I think he was a brilliant comedian and have always been in awe of his improvisational skills. There was nobody better at being funny with no preparation. He was always my favorite guest on talk shows For that reason. Did you know he was Johnny Carson's final guest, along with Bette Midler?

I loved Robin Williams as an actor too. His performance in "Good Morning Vietnam" may be my single favorite comedic performance in a movie ever. I also loved him in "Good Will Hunting", although he had a very serious part in that one. His work on "Mork &  Mindy' was groundbreaking. I liked his new show too. What was your favorite Robin Williams movie? I am guessing "Mrs. Doubtfire" could win our poll. Let us know your favorite.