It never ceases to amaze me the kindness of some people.  Earlier this week I had mentioned that I was looking for some candy donations for the Journey 4 Justice entry in the Loveland Veterans Day Parade this Sunday and what I got was more than I bargained for.

Goings Orthodontics FB Page

Air Force veteran Dr. Bradley Goings and his staff at Goings Orthodontics started the "Goings Halloween Candy Buy Back" program last year. What they do is collect candy and then ship it across the pond to our troops serving in the Middle East. Last year they collected about 154 pounds of candy and wanted to double that this year; they've collected over 500 pounds in just the first week this year.

BRAVO!  And the coolest things about the "Goings Halloween Candy Buy Back" is that most of the candy came from the kids who were out trick or treating who wanted to give their candy to our troops overseas.  Talk about hearts of gold!

So anyway, I mentioned on one of my FB pages that if anyone wanted to help J4J and donate some candy to let me know and it wasn't very long before Mindy Ryan sent an email stating they had candy to donate.  I was going to ride my bike up today and get it but it's a good thing I ran out of time and couldn't because when Mindy and Jody Smith got here the first question was...


Do you have a dolly?

When someone asks you for a dolly when it comes to candy one can assume there is a lot of candy, in this case, over 200 pounds of candy.  Boxes and boxes and (big) boxes of candy.

I would also like to thank the following for their generous contributions as well:

  • Steve Bourassa and Colorado Crude Carries
  • Donna Darling from the John Elway Dealers
  • Monica Meisner
  • Kathie Krautschun from Weld County Garage
  • Dave Sanders
  • Ron and Michelle Martin (J4J team - Nebraska 2)


So, BRING YOUR KIDS ON SUNDAY to the Loveland Veterans Day Parade because we have candy...lots of it.

Come support the Veterans this Sunday!  If you would like to ride your motorcycle or walk with the Journey 4 Justice entry CLICK HERE for more information.