Things sure have changed around here in the last 25 years. I used to start the day with a steady diet of donuts and Gatorade. I am a morning DJ, it is the food we are supposed to eat. Perhaps that is what led me on the path to a heart attack, diabetes and all the other fun ailments I have. I have changed my ways in the last year and am feeling really good. I still have my mental issues with the occasional panic attack but my body is feeling much better. I have tried to eat from a paper sack less often and cook fresh foods.

One of big reasons I feel better is just taking my meds the way I should. I sometimes just get tired of taking pills and shots and have skipped them. It is a dangerous thing to do because you don't feel the effects of missing your dosages right away but in time you start feeling like dirt and can't figure out why. I have found that when I do as I am told by the doctors that I actually do feel better. I want to be around for a long time so I have continued to turn in my donuts for my pills and a syringe with a side of fresh fruit and oatmeal. I can tell you that my clothes are feeling looser and I feel sharper. Look out world I am feeling great and I plan on being here for a long long healthy time. Do what you know you need to do and stick around with me.