It is always kind of depressing the day after Christmas because you know there are no more pretty lights, no more cookies for dinner, and especially sad is that there are no more presents. And had I known these little buggers existed like two days earlier I know my Christmas may have been completely different, and totally better! Although, I did ask for a monkey and didn't get one, so who knows if I would have gotten a glow in the dark pig either... 

It's always been hard for me to believe that bacon, ham, and pork chops all come from one of the world's cutest animals in the first place, but now that pigs are glowing in the dark I may actually have to consider boycotting pork so we can keep these bad ass little buggers around to play with!

It's true, a team of scientists in China were able to create ten little piglets that glow green under black fluorescent lights. The smarty-pants made the piggies glow by injecting fluorescent protein from jellyfish DNA into pig embryos.

Believe it or not, they aren't making animals glow so you can have the coolest pet on the block, but rather to have an efficient and cheap way of getting a beneficial gene into humans that could help treat many genetic disorders. No idea how making humans glow will treat genetic disorders, but I am not a scientist after all.

And if you aren't a pig guy, there are actually other animals that glow too. The same technique was used to create the world's first glow-in-the-dark bunnies in Turkey earlier this year, and they are currently working to produce similar results with fluorescent-glowing sheep. YAY!!

No word on whether or not your bacon would glow if you were to eat one of these bad boys... Hopefully not, because if it did we would have to change the book to "Green Ham and Eggs!"