The wait for some new music from Gloriana is finally over. After Cheyenne Kimball abruptly left the group in 2011 the wait for a sophomore album was close to three years in the making. Will that lengthy time span be helpful or harmful? 

In early 2011, Gloriana had announced the release of a new single, "Wanna Take You Home", which was the debut single for their upcoming 2nd album called "A Thousand Miles Left Behind." The single "Wanna Take You Home" became the group's fourth Top 40 hit.

Just after the release of the first single, Gloriana announced that Cheyenne Kimball would be leaving the band. And as irony would have it, many who followed her on Twitter knew about it before the band because that's how they found out, via Twitter.

Cheyenne still appeared in the "Wanna Take You Home" music video but but Gloriana continued working on the 2nd album as a trio. The albums 2nd single "(Kissed You) Good Night" made it to #2 on the charts and now we'll see what the 3rd single will do.

Tom Gossin sums up "'Can't Shake You' by saying,

...not being able to shake somebody from your mind after a break-up. Most people have been in this situation and can relate. It has certainly become a fan favorite out on the road so we are excited to get it to radio.

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