Simple rules to get you where you want to be, check 'em out!

As we get ready to hit the pool we're reminded that we may have not shed that last ten pounds we promised ourselves we would  before summer. Of course there is not a magic genie to rid us of those pounds and there really isn't anything other than self denial and discipline that will shed it and keep it off, but maybe in the rules I have found we can find some thing's we didn't know that will make the difference between 10 pounds too many or just right.

My first thoughts would be to remind ourselves that our perfect image of ourselves may be too restrictive and although the scale doesn't say what it said in high school,  we're healthy and we're beautiful.

the rules of thin:

  • Make your meals count: add fibrous fruits-whole grains-low fat dairy (these thing's will stick with you longer and help you feel fulfilled until the next feeding)
  • Watch the liquid calories: fruit juices pack a punch with lots of sugar and calories-eat an apple instead (sports drinks and sweet tea are big sugar culprits too)
  • One rule that is hocus pocus but notable is to keep sugary-fattening snacks and foods out of sight. As you lessen the accessibility the less you will reach for them, make healthy eating choices easy-clean and cut veggies when you get home from the grocery store-that way there are no excuses about how the snack cake was easier to grab in a moment of starvation. (this rarely ever works for me... ha ha)
  • Get physical: this doesn't mean you have to hit the gym 24/7 or at all if you don't want, but when you're on the phone stand instead of sit... get off the bus early on your way to work and walk the last block... vacuum the stairs while standing on your head (just seeing if you're paying attention)... take up some hobbies other than photography and movies... bowl or play crochet; it really is the little things that can make a big difference.
  • Live moderately everyday and enjoy the things that make you happy everyday instead of gorging on the weekends. Portion control will always rule the day... have a small fry, but stop short of the super size me portion... eat a cup of rice or pasta-not a small planet(s) worth... there are things that you can do daily that you may not have considered.
  • This is a rule that beats me up constantly; plan ahead. Do meal prep and planning weekly so the dollar menu doesn't become the norm and elastic waistbands become cool. I have a hard time planning, it never fails that if I have chicken planned for dinner (and really when do I not have chicken planned for dinner) I don't want chicken-I want steak, it's not thawed, oh so lets go out and yes I'll have another roll, blue cheese dressing and garlic mashers-of course. :P
  • Try to have a back up plan for late nights... either frozen dinners (that you have frozen-not the extra large Mac and Cheese portion) Worst case scenario, just make healthy choices for meals on the go... pizza and Chinese are not likely good choices because of the sodium and high fat content.

Mostly its common sense, but it also boils to what makes sense. And being a bit easier on yourself, if you haven't been a size 6 since 9th grade, that's probably not a healthy size for you mentally or physically and its time to say "I'm okay with that"