There is nothing in this world that feels as good as escaping the pressures of the daily grind. We get so wrapped up in our jobs and problems that we forget to bask in the little joys of life, like getting on the floor and playing.

Think of all the hours you spent on the floor as a kid. I used to spend hours playing with my Hot Wheels cars and marbles and all my other cool toys. We may be bigger now but we can still set that child inside of us free...and need to. If you have children, you need to learn from them and get down on the ground. Leave the office chair behind. Leave your TV watching chair behind and climb down on the carpet and play. I did this yesterday with my grandsons and it was so therapeutic. It was great for all of us but especially me.

Brian Gary, TSM

It was Zander's birthday the other day and I got him one of my old favorite toys as one of his gifts. I found the old fashioned Rock em Sock em Robots game. My brother and I used to play this for hours. I was so happy when he opened it and knew what it was and couldn't wait to play. We jumped on the floor and immediately both of the boys started telling me they were going to "knock my block off", just like me and my brother used to say. We cheered, screamed and had a blast. It was so fun getting down on their level and leaving adulthood behind. I know we are grown and have responsibilities now but you owe it to yourself to let it all go and get down on the floor sometimes. Break out those old Hot Wheels cars and track, the Lego blocks or marbles and be a kid again. It is good for the soul and the family.