I think we could all use a little break from all of the complaining in the world. It seems like everyone is mad about something or upset with someone. I know we try to be up and want to be happy yet we still get inundated with negativity. Let’s make a vow to take a break from that for one day a week. I propose that every Thursday shall be a complaint free zone.

#NBT stands for No Bitch Thursday and I would love to see us all embrace it. Your mood and attitude are contagious so for one day a week make it nothing but positive in what you say and post on social media. One day a week do not complain about other drivers, coworkers, politicians, gun rights, make people copy and paste things to prove they are your friend or tell me how President Obama should be impeached or that Hillary and Donald are spawns of Satan. A day away from all of that can actually make the mood of the world better. We have the power to create the mood. I ask for your help in spreading the word about #NBT and let’s make it a better place to be at least for one day a week. Happy #NBT!