How many times do I log on to the internet with a goal, I am looking for airfare or the best price on veggies and I get distracted looking at everything but what I logged on to find. What distracts you?

When it comes to getting distracted I have the most fun on our website. Just take a look at the picture I took of our main page at Just this glimpse alone screams, tell me more.


  • Todd talking about Girl Scout cookies, yum, what are your favorites?
  • What's that? A recipe for Pineapple Chicken? I want some now!
  • Gretchen Wilson, Gretchen Wilson, what is she doing? Are we going to hear new music from her?
  • Two are accused of what????? Really, in Loveland!!!???
  • Charley Barnes is rating new music by Big and Rich, Whatchya Think?

Next time you are looking for a sale on hamburger, don't forget to get distracted with Learn about all the thing's that make you go hmmm and more, from where your favorite bands are playing, when they are coming to town, if they are getting married or breaking up. You can also Listen and Win and earn points and prizes, like this week you could win a 64G IPOD and time is running out on winning a trip to San Antonio, Texas to see George Strait as he launches his farewell show.