Father's Day is coming up on the 16th of June and you may be wondering what to get Dad. How about a candle? You may be thinking "dad doesn't want a candle". He may not want a traditional candle but he will love a Man Candle from the Yankee Candle folks. They have come up with some scents that only a man could love.

The manly scents include titles like "First Down", "Movie Night", "Man Town", "Riding Mower" or "Mmm Bacon". These all sound great. I am very intrigued by the bacon and mower ones. I actually love candles so this would be a great gift for me. I think they may have missed few scents that I think would sell well too. How about "Biscuit and  Gravy", "Ribs", "Burnt Rubber", "5 Pound Bass" or "Gasoline and Bourbon"? I think these all would do great. The best candle story I ever heard was when a friend of friend got into the candle business and was left with a large stock of banana scented candles. He decided to rename them "Monkey Fart Candles" and could not keep them in stock. It's all about marketing and I think Man Candles are brilliant.