I was driving my dad's new pickup some 30 some years ago when a rock flew up and hit the windshield. It left a most interesting crack in the shape of a 'circle' about the size of a silver dollar, and it's been that way ever since. I never got it fixed because it just wasn't worth the money. When my dad passed away my mother kept his truck, and when she passed away I brought it home with me from North Dakota to Colorado.

'Gertie' as I call her, is a JOY to drive, evoking warm memories of my folks. You might remember when I introduced my dear old truck a while back and shared a few of my many stories with her. While my dad was not happy about the windshield, he was always a kind and patient man. Maybe I could ease my guilty conscience today, by finally fixing the damage I did 30 years ago along with the cracks in the windshields of all my vehicles. I was looking through some of the deals going up on our Seize the Deal one day sale, which is taking place today, and I can replace them at a whopping 60% Off. I think I can probably afford to do it now!