It's all in the name. We did a web poll yesterday as to whether you support gay marriage or not. The results were just barley over 50% in support of it. I know this is a very sensitive topic for many reasons but I think the main reason is the verbiage. I think the sticking point is the term "marriage". Marriage is a term that is very defined by many. I feel if there was another term for the union of same sex couples it would be more accepted by the masses.

Men and women have made a mockery out of marriage on their own. The divorce rate is higher than the stay together rate for couples so the "sanctity" of marriage cannot be an argument. I feel we are getting closer to the point where the majority of the public accepts same sex couples but would like an alternative to the term "marriage" for the union. I understand that. I personally would like to see all couples that want to spend and share their lives together to legally be able to do so whatever you want to call it.