Bulwarks MC - Colorado invites all motorcycle riders out on Flag Day Saturday, June 14 for the 'Gathering of Heroes' poker run to benefit Realities for Children.

What better day to get out and raise some money for a good cause than on Flag Day. Bulwarks MC (motorcycle club) is inviting all motorcycles out to raise some money for Realities for Children. Registration is at Parrotts Sports Grill in Firestone (6050 Firestone Blvd.) starting at 8:30 a.m. with last bike out by 10 a.m.

Cost is $25 per rider and $5 for a passenger/additional hand. The top hand pays out $300 in cash and there will be all kinds of fun at the after party back at Parrott's with a live auction, door prizes, drink and food along with who knows what else. There will be fun to be had by all and if you have a favorite ping pong ball, bring it. I'm just saying...I'm not saying anything.

For more information contact Rock at (970) 443-1837 and if you head to their Facebook you can pre-register and save some of your hard earned cash.

Bulwarks is a National MC club that is comprised of Law Enforcement, Military and Fire Department personnel. They are the wall of defense protecting our country against tyranny; foreign or domestic. They defend citizens from criminals; they protect homes and lives; they protect our country.