It's no secret amongst my friends that with all of my years in country radio, the one artist I haven't met that I would love to meet is Garth Brooks, so would I stalk him and wife Trisha on their Habitat Build in Denver? Hmmmm....

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood-Facebook

I have had the pleasure of meeting Trisha Yearwood and I must say she is one incredible woman. She is compassionate, kind and caring. Further proof of her character, along with Garth Brooks, is their dedication to community. Garth and Yearwood have been in Denver today with President Jimmy Carter building town homes for families.

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver was chosen for the Carter work project for this year. 11 new homes will be erected this week and 15 homes will be repaired. Yearwood and Brooks are just two of the over 2000 volunteers that will be on hand to build this week.

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