I love football and as a fan I like to think that how I cheer and what I do during the game has a direct effect on the outcome of the game. I believe that any good fanatic has a game day ritual that you do. We know that the team can't do it alone. They need us.

I have a game day ritual with my Minnesota Vikings. Each Sunday I get up and put on my Viking jersey. I decide if I need to wear the home or away jersey, then I decide whether I need to wear an offensive or defensive players jersey depending on which side of the ball I think they will need the most help with. I then put on my helmet and get in a football stance. A few hours later when I am able to get out of the stance, I vacuum the living room floor so I have a clean playing surface. I do this every Sunday to help my team win. What do you do to help yours? What is your game day ritual?