Fort Collins, and the Front Range in general, is one of the most popular areas of the country. The quality of living, the good economy even in difficult times, and the climate are some of the reasons cited when the Fort ends up on so many of the annual 'Best of...' lists (Fort Collins just made it in the the top 100 Best Places to Retire in Money magazine this month, coming in at 70). Front Rangers are also among the most educated people in the country with a very high percentage of people who have a college degree or more.

Those numbers could go up as Front Range Community College has announced plans to grow by about 50%. According to the Coloradoan, one of the new construction projects included will be the new construction of a 30,000 square foot building to house the automotive and welding technology program.

As the recession hit, many people used the bad job market to go to school to gain more skills, and community colleges saw quite an increase in enrollment. Front Range Community College is currently in the position where they need more space if they want to grow anymore. The expansion is in the planning stage.