The Henningsens have only called Nashville home for a short time and have scored some major writing kudo's along the way. Although they haven't recorded any huge hits themselves, they have written ones you know and have achieved something that many new writers only dream of.

This farm family from Illinois, including Dad Brian, Aaron who is the oldest son and Brians's daughter Clara have already had eight of their songs recorded by major artists including the following:

  • The Band Perry's "You Lie"
  • Sara Evan's "Alone"
  • Highway 101 "Six Gold Coins" - Title track of their new Christmas album
  • Wynonna Judd's "Love Out Loud" - Tribute to Naomi and will soon be appearing on The Judd's Oprah Network television series

And what is truly amazing is they still want to honor their roots so they somehow find time to run their family farm in Illinois AND maintain a new home just South of Nashville when they are there to write and record.

Sounds like a true success story and we always love to see how a good book turns out so let's assume that 2013 will be a breakout year for The Henningsens.

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