From Battle Creek Michigan to the struggles and frustrations of Nashville.  Frankie Ballard is as good as they come and the first to admit that Nashville isn't all about limo's and steak dinners. Tune in today in the 4:00 PM hour as he joins me live in the studio before his free show tonight.

Frankie Ballard has paid his dues and cut his teeth on the road performing almost 250 shows a year.  He even released a previous album that consisted of two Top 30 singles but no one hardly noticed.  Funny how that works. I hate to say it but I don't think 'talent' necessarily plays a huge role in who makes it big in Nashville because I know many who should already be at that 'Arena' status.

I'm not saying Ballard is that, yet, but he truly does show the talent level and most importantly the heart to make music; not only making it, but living it as well.  Frankie Ballard knows all too well about the pains and frustrations of putting your heart and soul into something only to be let down. Ballard is the definition of 'pull yourself up by the bootstraps' and try and try again.

Tonight, you can see Frankie Ballard live at The Boot Grill in Loveland for free. Yes, free! Show starts at 5:30 PM and no tickets necessary, it's a free show. Drink specials till 6:00 PM and one of the funnest guys on stage, free.  For more information, just click the big red link below and you will magically be taken to another page with all the pertinent information on this show and our New From Nashville Series.