The Sears store in the Foothills Mall is closing before its new location is ready, effectively leaving 67 employees without jobs.

The Coloradoan reports the Foothills Mall Sears employees will have to take severance packages, and apply for open positions at the nearby Kmart or the nearest Sears store (in the Greeley Mall); because Sears won't be opening its new, smaller Fort Collins location until 2015.

In announcing the closing, Sears Holding CEO Eddie Lampert said the brand has been remaking itself to meet shoppers' changing habits. "The consensus about decreased store traffic also highlights another decision that has steered our work: We very often need less space to serve our members better and we may need fewer locations as well."

It's never easy hearing news like this, especially when it leaves so many people out of work.  Our thoughts go our to the Sears employees.  Here's hoping you find new jobs soon!