As of late last night, Fort Collins Police were still searching for a man accused of robbing the Walmart Supercenter. According to the Coloradoan, at one point police sealed off a neighborhood and called in a SWAT team to search a trailer home. 34-year-old Tavis Taylor is accused of stealing a bicycle and a grocery cart full of merchandise from the Walmart around 4 p.m. Taylor was also wanted on a warrant for failing to appear in an ongoing court case in which he had been charged with kidnapping, felony menacing and violating a restraining order.
Police tracked Taylor’s car to a trailer home off Summit View Drive, south of Mulberry Street and east of Timberline. Because Taylor has a history of violence and using weapons, police called in the Larimer County Sherriff’s Office SWAT team. Taylor was not found in the home and at last report was still at large.