Budgeting for Outcomes through the City of Fort Collins allows citizens to vote for or against initiatives that are being considered for funding.

There are a lot of items on the list, so make sure you check it out before June 30 so you can voice your opinion.

I found a lot of things of interest to me.

Whitewater Play Park

This one, as you may have seen in earlier posts, is top of the list for me. Click here for more information and to support.


Photo by Adam Porter

Streetmosphere is a program that puts performance in Old Town on weekends and some weekday evenings. The performers are paid, so the program has costs.

I support it 100%. There are two major Front Range towns--Fort Collins and Boulder. Before Streetmosphere, there was one major, controllable difference in a general weekend experience of these towns; Boulder had street performers, Fort Collins did not.

When I wake up on a Saturday morning and wonder "Should I head into Old Town?" I am so much more likely to go if I know there will be a 'surprise around every corner'. I might happen upon a juggler, dance troupe, band, a singer songwriter, piano players, but the point is I'll run into something.

This is part of the description from the Budget page:

This initiative is brought forward by individual citizens of Fort Collins in order to deliver outcomes within the Culture and Recreation sector.The Board of Beet Street is recommending the City award $22,822 in 2015 and $22,822 in 2016 as an enhancement to services in FY 2015-2016 to Beet Street (an independent 501c3 not-for-profit arts agency) to provide the Streetmosphere program in downtown Fort Collins.

Since 2010, Streetmosphere has transformed downtown Fort Collins each summer into a spontaneous, outdoor performing arts festival by producing high quality, free performances that boost civic pride for our local, creative talent. The agency has auditioned and hired more than 240 local acts including classical, jazz, country, bluegrass, and pop singers, musicians and bands; dancers, actors, comedians, jugglers, magicians, painters, weavers, and poets.

Beet Street's mission is to develop Fort Collins into a nationally recognized arts and culture destination by distinguishing Fort Collins as an intellectually vital community that fosters, celebrates, and inspires human creativity. The organization has functioned as a central clearinghouse and umbrella advocacy organization providing community development to local artists, arts organizations and the creative sector. A few of the services which Beet Street provides in addition to Streetmosphere include a centralized calendar of activities, regular e-newsletters, organizational and artist directories, website, convening and facilitating of programs, leadership and advocacy.

Fort Collins Music and Film Festival

The TRI Media Film Festival is no longer. Fort Collins is without a showcase for films, and this one would also weave music into the fabric of the festival. Sounds like something we could sink our teeth into.

Here is part of their description from the Budget page:

This offer requests funding starting in 2016 to launch a film festival focused on music. With the operational shut down of the TriMedia Film Festival, Ft. Collins no longer counts a film festival among the offerings in its cultural landscape. This offer would supply seed funding for a four day music and film festival envisioned as a public-private partnership between the Department of Cultural Services and the vibrant and diverse venues of the downtown Ft. Collins creative district. The four day festival would offer screenings in various facilities, interactive sessions with filmmakers and artists, and live performances by the acts featured in the films, or related musically to the genres in the films.

This offer helps meet the stated departmental goals of "providing diverse cultural and recreational amenities". The artistic offerings would be of the highest artistic merit, and range in style from the traditional to the avant-garde, showcasing both established and emerging artists to serve all audiences. By showcasing our city's acumen as a presenter of film and music, we also establish credibility in attracting those industries to Fort Collins.

The budget for this includes artist and screening fees; a festival consultant to design and operationalize the event; marketing; and operational costs.

There are plenty of other proposals for your perusal. You only have until June 30, 2014 to have your voice be heard!