After hearing the bad news yesterday about the fountains at the Oak Street Plaza in Old Town Fort Collins being broken, I wanted to find out just how long they would be out of commission. On the phone today I talked to Mike Brunkhardt, a Parks Crew Chief for the City of Fort Collins to get the answer.

He was pretty empathetic about this being a horrible time of year for the fountains to go down, but said the city was working hard to get the fountains working again. Some important parts malfunctioned and almost all the inner-workings of the water feature are underground, so they are trying their best to get them back on as soon as possible.

They have to order different parts from different companies and then get them all installed and tested underneath the fountains, so he said he hopes to have it back on by July 3rd. But he did say "hopes." If some of the parts don't come in or there are problems installing anything it may take longer, but July 3rd, 2013 is the target as of right now.

So, spread the word. If you are anyone you know is planning on taking the little ones to splash in the fountain in Old Town, you might need to look elsewhere for the next week or so.

He did want to re-iterate that the city has two other water features that are up and running that residents can take advantage of at Fossil Creek or Spring Canyon Park.