In Fort Collins we have our own version of "Angry Birds". They are 2 geese who have made their nest in front of the Harmony Library on the Front Range Community College campus at Harmony and Shields.  I saw  story on 9news, so I went to investigate for myself.

I found the geese, just like I saw on TV. However, they didn't seem that aggressive to me.  They were just busy eating bugs in the grass.  That being said, I didn't get very close.  I guess you could say, "I am a little chicken".  I didn't want the geese chasing me.  I might have goose nightmares or "Goose-mares" if you will.

So what makes these geese such a menace to our community that signs have to be put up to protect us?  Their aggressive can be attributed to their instinct to guard their nest full of eggs. Once those eggs are laid,  the nests are federally protected. That means we can't legally chase them off.  So, until the eggs are hatched, checking out a book from the Harmony Library will continue to be an adventure.