My buddy Tim Champlin is a firefighter with the Poudre Fire Authority in Fort Collins. He is also a talented musician and is the lead singer for the band "Interstate Cowboy". He also happens to be a great songwriter and recently wrote a new song with songwriter Troy Olsen, and George Strait's favorite writer, Dean Dillon.

The song is called "I'd Like To Know How That Feels".  It is performed by Troy Olsen.


Tim told me how the song was born:

We were all having dinner in Crested Butte at a Thai restaurant Dean, his wife, and some of their friends from the area. Troy an I were talking about all the hits Dean had and I said "I'd like to know how that feels!" Troy points at me and says "we gotta write that!" Anyhow it was a great opportunity to write with such a legend as Dean!


Tim played a very big role in our Make it Rain Concert to benefit the victims of the High Park Fire last summer. He was on the original planning committee representing the Poudre Fire Authority and the one who got us together with the Ranch and also invited Dean Dillon to perform on that magical night.

Photo by Randy Owens

This is Tim performing with his band Interstate Cowboy at their Annual Cowboy Christmas Ball:

Interstate Cowboy, Facebook