I have always thought the Colorado state flag was one of the coolest looking of all of the state flags. But that doesn't mean that it couldn't be a bit more cool. The Fort Collins based cell phone case company, OtterBox obviously thinks so too. 


Not only did the Northern Colorado company pull the best April Fools Day prank of them all this year, they even got the governor of Colorado to help them out.

OtterBox and Govener Hickenlooper had the state convinced that the company has licensed rights to the official colors and flag of its home state and had changed them to match their logo in gold, black, and white. They even had the govener release a fake statement that said:

By adopting the OtterBox brand image, Colorado strengthens its creative, playful and outdoorsy reputation on a global scale. Plus, now I get to ride the slide at OtterBox headquarters whenever I want. Who doesn’t love a slide?

The joke was meant to draw attention to the state’s “Brand Colorado” initiative which has the goal of strengthening and unifying the Colorado brand.

Not only a great prank, but I kind of dig the new flag... Maybe we should think about doing this for real? Plus any business cool enough to have a slide for their employees should get to pick the colors of their state's flag!