Todd Harding, TSM

Long-time Fort Collins Auctioneer Bill Seaworth is a friend of mine. I recently worked with Bill and his family at the Annual Waltz For The Wolves to benefit the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary.  He invited my wife Jenny and  me to his place just North of the city to see his antique tractor collection and beautiful farm. So, we took him up on it!

Bill is an amazing man. Not only has he been in auctioneer in Northern Colorado for decades, he has a very successful safe company, he heads up a private fishing club on his property, and he has the most impressive antique John Deere collection I have ever seen.  I would be willing to bet there is not a better collection in the state of Colorado.

The Seaworth's have a wonderful piece of property that is nestled up against the Poudre River and boasts a number of fully stocked ponds with Trout, Bass, and Blue Gill.  There is even a cabin on one of the ponds.  The view from their farm is amazing  of the ponds and river and foothills.   Bill gave my wife and me permission to share a few photos with you.