Fort Collins Police are said to be investigating after an arrest was caught on tape in Old Town Saturday night. The video opens on an officer asking, “Any questions?” and the person holding the camera scoffs and says, “That’s what you get, any questions. Did you hear that? Any questions, he says.”

The camera follows that police officer for a moment and then pans to another officer and citizen who are facing each other, talking. Their audio did not show up on the video. Suddenly the officer pushes the citizen forcefully with his right hand, causing the citizen to step back, and yells “Step back!” The other officer immediately comes over and places the man under arrest. He pulls away and starts to resist while asking “For what?”

We cannot determine if the video has been edited or not.

Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto responded to the Fort Collins Coloradoan on Monday night. Here is a link to the article.