The concept is true grit, bare bones, down to the heart of the matter; It is Take Back the Night!

Tonight at 6 it begins. Hundreds will gather in the Lory Student Center Sculpture Garden. This is an event where survivors of sexual abuse and supporters are invited to tell their stories. After the session of unity and trust participants will  march from CSU campus to old town.

The RM Collegian talks about the event today and lays out all the details of this emotional gathering in Fort Collins. Along with details of tonight's events the Collegian is a great source for background on the event. According to the Collegian the event is in its 21st year. 21 years of empowerment and support for victims of sexual assault from the community. The event is also a great source of information and awareness.

One powerful quote in the article by the Collegian really served as a wake up for me as I didn't realize the numbers of sexually abused women:

“One in four women (are sexually assaulted),” Malsam said. “It’s something we should be talking about.” -Casey Malsam, coordinator and victim advocate at the Women and Gender Advocacy Center.

The march should begin around 7:15pm followed by a slam poet performing in old town.