Ok ok, I will admit it, the title to this article is a bit misleading... Eager guys all over Northern Colorado are mad at me, and that is fine, but Christians all over the same area are probably jumping for joy. That's because there is no formal plans to turn the building that was formally A Hunt Club into a church. 

The building at 400 S. Link Lane in Fort Collins was unexpectedly purchased through Timberline Church by multiple donors and closed in September 2013.

After sitting empty for almost a year, Timberline's former executive pastor, Rob Cowles, is planning to reopen the building as a new church... Genesis Project is connected to a church by the same name in Ogden, Utah, and is a separate entity from Timberline Church. Timberline's board of directors will vote on transferring the building to Genesis in coming weeks, donating the property, in a state of disrepair.

If Timberline's board approves the transfer as expected, Genesis Project will be responsible for bringing the building up to code, which includes a lot of costly renovations. Cowles hopes to move the church to the renovated A Hunt Club property in January, when phase 1 of renovations will be complete.