A former police officer in Denver is looking to get his job back, saying he was unjustly fired after..

Well..  you just have to read the story- it's just crazy.

Channel 7 is reporting how a former member of the Denver police force is saying he was unjustly dismissed after pleading guilty to driving while impaired and reckless driving.

In June of 2010, Derrick Curtis Saunders was a Denver police officer who was busted for speeding.

Not just speeding: he was caught doing 143 mph out on Gun Club Road.  You may know the road- it's almost famous for being the place to go and see how fast your car can go. In this case it was Derrick's buddy's car- an Infinity.

Apparently Infinitis can go pretty fast.

In addtion to speeding that Thursday night, Derrick's blood alcohol content was .089- .08 is the legal limit for driving in Colorado.

Maybe they figured the road would be less busy on a Thursday: "We've had a few beers, let's head out and open this baby up!" Just speculation- I don't know.

In May of 2011, Officer Saunders pleaded guilty to driving while impaired and reckless driving. He was sentenced to 5 days in jail,  $300 in fines, and was given 100 hours of community service.

Then on December 7th- Manager of Safety for the Denver Police force fired him.

From TheDenverChannel.com:

"The extraordinary high speed alone is stunning. The fact that you drove at this dangerous speed while your ability to drive was impaired by alcohol is shocking. In addition, you were driving at night and with a passenger in the car,"  Martinez wrote when he terminated Saunders.

Martinez continued...

"The Denver Police Department values accountability, defined as demonstrating responsibility in all activities. The extraordinary high speed while impaired is egregious misconduct substantially contrary to the standards of conduct reasonably expected of one whose sworn duty it to uphold the law,"

But Saunders, along with the help of the Denver police union, is saying the firing was excessive and punitive.

He was going 143 miles an hour! To give you an example of how fast that is, check out this car going just a few miles an hour faster- 150mph:

Plus- it was at night- AND he was intoxicated!


He represented the law.. he broke the law... I don't think he has a chance at getting his old job back.

What do you think?