Who knew that your hair could giveaway your age, but apparently it can.











Crazier thing's have been said and done, but when I read this, I thought... really, another thing I gotta start thinking about to stay younger looking?!

Apparently our hair goes through three 'mane' stages in our lives:

  • Teens to 20s: Our hair is the healthiest it will ever be (great). If our hair is oily, wait for it this is profound, the best answer is to wash it thoroughly everyday at the root.  Some good thoughts though include Omega Oils, Calcium and Protein are important players in keeping your hair healthy.
  • 30s to 40s: Grey hairs start popping up, really? Your hair may even seem thinner because of the grey hair. At this stage a daily routine of hair dryers and curling irons are the enemy to healthy hair and can cause breakage. It is said that supplements can help your hair fake a younger age. Vitamins and antioxidants are great for your hair. Try Vitamins A, C and E, Zinc and biotin.
  • 50s and Older: The horrible news for aging hair is that by the time we are 50+, the hair is most likely to be fragile increasing breakage and it becomes most sensitive to UV rays. Over working hormones, or just plain hormonal changes at this stage of life mess with your hair(s) texture and appearance. Once you've reached your 50s you may need to cut your hair every six weeks; when you were younger you could wait 2+ months in between haircuts.